How can Butler-Cohen build your company?


Whether your build needs a simple consultation, full design + build services, or something in between, Butler-Cohen has construction offerings to meet your requirements.

At Butler-Cohen, we understand one of the most important decisions an owner will make when considering a construction project is the delivery method; how the project will be designed and constructed as well as whether the builder can offer a variety of solutions to meet the client’s needs. Our broad range of services address both issues.

Design + Build

Don’t waste time, money or energy coordinating between architects, designers and builders. Butler-Cohen will create the perfect build, taking an idea and bringing it to life — literally. Butler-Cohen has perfected the Design + Build model and is able to expertly guide an owner through this process to ensure their project is delivered on time and in budget.

General Contracting

Leave the management to us. Butler-Cohen will coordinate the teams vital to completing your project. And since you’ll be updated every step of the way, you’ll never wonder what to expect from the progress of your build. Butler-Cohen’s expertise in design management, project development and construction services enables us to cater to our client’s specific needs and ensure the success of the project.

Construction Management

If the many moving pieces to your project are getting out of hand, let Butler-Cohen take the reins and coordinate contractors, schedules and construction progress. We’ll act as your construction consultant so you can stay abreast of timelines, developments and challenges. Our thorough understanding of construction design, procurement and contracting allows us to be able to provide valuable advice and guidance throughout each phase of the project and become a trusted single point of contact for the design and construction team.


Butler-Cohen will step in at any point in the construction process. Already have a design? Leave the build to us. If you’ve committed to a builder but need pre-construction consulting, we can produce and advise on everything you may need. Whether a project is hard bid with a fixed price or developed and negotiated, our qualifications and competitive pricing provide an exceptional overall value.


Get your ducks in a row before a slab ever is poured. Butler-Cohen manages planning, coordination and control of project inception to meet even the most unique requirements. If you’ve committed to a builder but need pre-construction consulting, we can produce and advice on everything you may need.

Project Design

Take your idea to reality with Butler-Cohen’s Project Design services. Work with our experienced team to create plans for the exact building you’ve imagined. Butler-Cohen will provide input during the design phase regarding constructability with real-time pricing. This ensures the project is designed within your budget, minimizes design issues during construction and often dramatically reduces the overall project schedule.

Tailored Services

Whether you need a complete coordination or a consultation for one step along the way, Butler-Cohen has a solution for you. Contact our team today to create a custom service offering that helps you build your vision.

See what Butler-Cohen can add to your project.

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