Butler-Cohen is proud to recognize the excellent contributions of our company and contract employees.

The Butler-Cohen Empowerment Program is designed to encourage employees, particularly field Crafts, whose individual performance is outstanding and contributes to the overall objectives of the Company and its projects. The objective of the Empowerment program is to encourage positive behavior to promote jobsite safety and good work quality.

This is accomplished by empowering all employees at all levels to reward and praise fellow workers every time they help to mitigate project risk or perform tasks at a high level to achieve quality.

All employees and contract employees will be given Empowerment hard hat stickers to give to fellow workers observed making exceptional contributions, such as:

  • Providing outstanding and quality work
  • Implementing a new idea or developing a procedure that improves safety and work processes
  • Completing a significant project
  • Contributing to the success of a team initiative or contributing above and beyond what is expected
  • Building outstanding relationships with our clients and third parties
  • Making substantial strides to obtain needed skills or competencies
  • Significantly contributing to the learning and development of others


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When recognizing another’s efforts, we encourage everyone to:

  1. Make it personal – Identify what is significant and meaningful to the individual you are recognizing.
  2. Make it immediate – The sooner you reinforce the exceptional performance, the more impactful it will be.
  3. Make it frequent – As long as you’re recognizing appropriately, recognizing often is great.
  4. Make it earned – People respect those who deliver reinforcement contingent on some accomplishment.
  5. Make it social – Amplify your recognition by sharing it and encouraging your team to share in other’s successes.

At Butler-Cohen, we believe letting someone know you appreciate them is perhaps the simplest way to make them feel recognized for who they are as a human being, their strengths, their individuality and their contribution.