Over the years, Butler-Cohen has continued to increase our diligence and expertise in the construction industry as we provide excellent service to our clients as well as our sub-contractors and vendors. Along with a passion for growth and relationship development, we are constantly looking for ways that we can enhance our business practices to mitigate risks in the industry for all of our partners.

Part of our pre-qualification process is to pre-approve qualified partners to perform work or provide materials to any of our projects now and in the future. This process helps to ensure project success for Butler-Cohen, our trade partners, and clients.

Benefits of Pre-Qualification

Greater Chance of Award

Best Value Consideration

Match Expertise to the Project Scope

Risk Mitigation for Sub-contractor

Optimization of Interest

Enrollment of Vendors into our SDI Program


We request the following documentation from all of our sub-contractor partners. Gathering these forms ahead of time will ensure a smooth application process.


Form W-9

With full legal name, signed and dated within the past year.


Sample Insurance Certificate

Does not need to be issued to Butler-Cohen, but must be current. Click link above for an example of what you need to provide for your own company.


OSHA Forms 300 and 300A

Provide forms for each of the past 3 years. If your company has 10 employees or fewer, provide the number of employees and total hours worked for each year. Regardless of the size of your company, you must provide a form 300A if recordable incidents have occurred.


EMR Verification

For each of the past 3 years, please provide NCCI comparable form or a letter from your worker’s compensation carrier.


Letter From Your Surety

Please provide a letter dated within the past 30 days, stating your single project bonding capacity, your aggregate bonding capacity, and available bonding capacity.


Financial Statements

Third party prepared financial statements (audit, review, or compilation) from your last fiscal year end that include dated letter from CPA firm, balance sheet, and income statement. Also, an internal balance sheet and income statement for most recent month end. Both are required if prequalifying. A non-disclosure agreement can be signed by Butler-Cohen.


WIP Schedule

This is also known as a “contracts in progress” schedule. It should show contract value and amount remaining to be billed. You may redact project name, GC name, and columns pertaining to cost and profit.


Ready to partner with us? Gather the necessary documents, and allow BuildingConnected/TradeTapp to guide you through the process:
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