Butler-Cohen is proud to recognize the excellent contributions of our company and contract employees.

The Butler-Cohen Empowerment Program is designed to encourage employees, particularly field Crafts, whose individual performance is outstanding and contributes to the overall objectives of the Company and its projects. The objective of the Empowerment program is to encourage positive behavior to promote jobsite safety and good work quality.

An Empowered Workforce

This is accomplished by empowering all employees at all levels to reward and praise fellow workers every time they help to mitigate project risk or perform tasks at a high level to achieve quality.

All employees and contract employees will be given Empowerment hard hat stickers to give to fellow workers observed making exceptional contributions.

  • Providing outstanding and quality work
  • Implementing a new idea or developing a procedure that improves safety and work processes
  • Completing a significant project
  • Contributing to the success of a team initiative or contributing above and beyond what is expected
  • Building outstanding relationships with our clients and third parties
  • Making substantial strides to obtain needed skills or competencies
  • Significantly contributing to the learning and development of others

Empowerment Heroes

  • Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandez

    Houston, TX

    During the project, Victor has continually been proactive and safety oriented. With so many people including many small children who use this center every day, a commitment to safety was essential. Victor not only kept the members safe during the construction phase, he kept the project moving forward and smiled around the clock. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the scene!

  • Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson

    Deer Park, TX

    Mike arrived early for concrete placement. He assessed the site and it’s obstacles and created a plan to reach the area as carefully and efficiently as possible. Mike went through a signaling protocol before anyone started pumping – taking the time to have a conversation upfront could prevent injury or other errors during the footing pour. Mike is definitely a forward thinker and we are so thankful he’s part of our team!!

  • Jeremy Cardona

    Jeremy Cardona

    Corpus Christi, TX

    Jeremy observed another contractor descending from a ladder but his body position was turned the wrong way and he did not have 3 points of contact.  Jeremy intervened, stopped the work, and coached the contractor to explain why the 3 points of contact are important when climbing or descending a ladder. #stopworkauthority

  • Guillermo Rosas

    Guillermo Rosas

    Pasadena, TX

    A couple of weeks ago a worker became ill while on the job site. Guillermo immediately was there to lend a helping hand and care for his fellow team member. Guillermo constantly has the best interest of the entire team at heart. Each day he works for the good of the team and provides a steady example of what being part of a team is all about.

  • David Schueler

    David Schueler

    Houston, TX

    David has been observed coaching his team on hazards and mitigations related to sheet metal roof work. He meets with our safety team and plans out the next day’s permits and tasks. While this might not seem overwhelmingly impressive, being new to a job site is one of the hardest parts of being in construction. Not spending a lot of time in one area before moving locations and having to relearn a completely new environment is challenging to even the best of them.

  • Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia

    Corpus Christi, TX

    Anthony isn’t afraid to fulfill a need when he sees one! His site had plenty of heavy equipment traffic while preparing the parking lot for asphalt. Anthony recognized an unusual amount of human and equipment traffic in congested areas. While the rest of the jobsite went about their work, Anthony set down his tools and picked up a flag. For the remainder of the week, Anthony controlled the traffic flow on the jobsite.


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Be Like Ryan

When recognizing another’s efforts, we encourage everyone to:

  1. Make it personal – Identify what is significant and meaningful to the individual you are recognizing.
  2. Make it immediate – The sooner you reinforce the exceptional performance, the more impactful it will be.
  3. Make it frequent – As long as you’re recognizing appropriately, recognizing often is great.
  4. Make it earned – People respect those who deliver reinforcement contingent on some accomplishment.
  5. Make it social – Amplify your recognition by sharing it and encouraging your team to share in other’s successes.

At Butler-Cohen, we believe letting someone know you appreciate them is perhaps the simplest way to make them feel recognized for who they are as a human being, their strengths, their individuality and their contribution.